CTF & Badge Challenge Info

BSides Boise

GAME HOSTS: Jared Arave, Cale Smith, Jerry Decime


Read THIS!

WARNING: By connecting to the FalseCONNECT, BSidesCTF, BSidesPUBLIC, and WifiCrackMe networks you agree that you will have no assurances of security or privacy for your network communications. By connecting to these networks you understand that the BSides Boise and the game hosts have no liability or responsibility towards any damage which may occur through the use of these networks.


How to get started? Connect to the BSidesCTF WiFi, register and submit flags by nc'ng 1337. Scoreboard is at All game boxes are in the range. Everything in that range is in scope. The WifiCrackMe is in scope. Be nice to everything else please.

Badge Challenge

Because we have an actual CTF this year the BSides Boise Badge Challenge will be purely a badge challenge. Figure out the key & find the flags. No XSSing needed this year. Hosted by Ferretsec. All flags are first come, first serve so register with the CTF to claim them. I hear there's a flag on Ferretsec.

Hint: URLs can be emoji's.